Artist Development Program

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Songs and Scenes

Songs and Scenes provides a comprehensive approach to singing in musicals. This class teaches students how to put themselves into the context of a song as a scene, and guides them towards truthful and personal performances.

Monologues and Scenes

Monologues and Scenes is a workshop that focuses on scene analysis, exploring characters based on text and scripts, and bringing those characters to life.

Basic Playwriting

Basic Playwriting is a course for aspiring writers, with or without theater writing experience. This class will teach you how and where to begin writing a play.

Stage Directing

Stage Directing is a course for aspiring directors with experience in theater whether in workshops or professional productions. In this class, you will develop a sense for bringing text to life on stage, how to build the world of the play, and how to lead a cast.

Acting for Commercials

This comprehensive course prepares students to step into the world of acting for commercials. Get on track by knowing the different types of commercials and exploring the ins and outs of the commercial audition process. Then, learn how to prepare yourself for VTRs, understand basic on-camera techniques, set up your phone and optimize lighting for remote cattle calls, familiarize yourself with expected on-set behaviors, and calibrate your acting for the medium. Students will participate in on-camera mock auditions, improvisation, reading and analysis of copies, and a callback roleplay.

Introduction to Meisner in Music

Take your singing and storytelling skills to the next level with our 5-week course, Introduction to Meisner in Music. Dive into the foundational concepts of Sanford Meisner's approach to acting and apply it to singing. The goal is for you to gain sustainable practices for any musical theater setting. Get ready to enhance your voice and character work, and create a consistent approach to performances and auditions.