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Children’s Theater

3.5 - 6 years old
Our Children’s Theater workshops are all about getting the kids moving with music, games, drama, and improvisation exercises. The students are immersed in a fun and interactive learning environment where they can develop their creative thinking, physical and movement abilities, and storytelling talents.

Musical Theater Pre-Teens

7-12 years old
Our Musical Theater Pre-Teens class is where we will explore the basic skills needed for theater performances -- projecting your voice, creating different characters, and other techniques. This fun class is for students who want to boost their confidence and build their performing abilities.

Music Theater Teen

13 - 17 years old
Our Musical Theater for Teens class covers both basic and intermediate skills and concepts – drama, movement, music, and vocal training. Through a series of theater exercises, games, and lessons, students will have a deeper understanding of their own creative gifts and abilities. The goal of this class is to prepare you for the stage.

Musical Theater Adult

18 years old and above
Our Musical Theater Adults class is for adult students with or without performance backgrounds. This is an avenue for you to explore self-expression and creativity through voice, movement, scene study, and collaboration with others. You will learn many practical skills which you can apply to your work, studies, and daily life. Most of all, you get to bring out the joyful and confident theater artist in you.