About Us

TRUMPETS PLAYSHOP began in 1993 with a few acting courses for children, teens and adults. Over the years it has gradually gained exposure and for the past two years, has generated over a thousand enrollees for its summer workshop.

The idea behind Playshop is quite simple. We wanted to share our knowledge on the technical aspects of theatre. At the same time we envisioned a more pro-active method of teaching, while infusing morally upright ideas and actions.

Playshop has consistently been successful in developing the creative talents of young and creative minds through its summer workshop using the basic principles and tools of acting. As a result, Playshop has expanded to now include a broader selection of courses covering most multimedia disciplines while still using the basic tenets of theatre acting as its groundwork.



PLAYSHOP aims to provide a venue for students, artists and professionals to develop their God-given talents through a comprehensive and extensive arts program, which provides a wide range of opportunities for intellectual, musical, cultural and personal growth taught by a dedicated, well-established and acclaimed corps of artists in the field of performing arts.


PLAYSHOP graduates shall be effective, creative, disciplined, impassioned and dynamic contributors to and active participants in, the performance arts industry. The superior and proper training and supervision provided by the Center shall distinguish the TRUMPETS PLAYSHOP graduate from his peers because of his professionalism, dedication to and excellence in his craft.



Playshop is also continuously developing its program for the corporate world. Since the basics of acting involve communication skills development, character development, team dynamics through any number of specialized activities, we are now developing training programs for corporations that depend heavily on the performance of their customer service representatives and advertising agencies.

Playshop has also flown beyond our mall-base in Manila to accommodate demands for Playshop training in such provinces like Cebu and Palawan and our neighboring Asian countries like Singapore and Hongkong.


Our Faculty is comprised of the best and the brightest in most disciplines of multimedia. They are world class performers and respected veterans in their fields of expertise. To name a few are multi awarded Theatre thespians, Audie Gemora, Menchu Lauchenco-Yulo, Enchang Kaimo, Carlo Orosa, Sweet Plantado and Chari Arespacochaga, Director Writer Jaime del Mundo and Freddie Santos, Musical Composer and Arranger Lito Villareal, Broadcast journalist Kata Inocencio and Playwright Luna Griño- Inocian, world-class dancer James Laforteza, Liesl Laforteza & the Maneouvres, Supermodels Tweetie de Leon and Apples Aberin Sadhwani and Technical Director and Lights Designer Gerry Fernandez.

Several of our graduates have already made a name for themselves in various fields of entertainment. Prominently among those are Christian Bautista, Sam Concepcion, Tippy Do Santos, Jonard Yanzon, a graduate of Musical Theatre, was Grand Prize of the Metro Pop Young Singing Star Award 1998. Six graduates of Kata Inocencio’s TV Newscasting class have already made it to various TV shows in ABS CBN, GMA 7 and cable TV. Analin Bantug of Ms. Saigon, The Playshop Kids, Celebrity Kids like Paolo Valenciano, Lesley & Lianna Martinez, CD Lastimosa, Alyssa Martinez, Mariella Munji Laurel and a lot more.


Playshop has consistently been successful in developing talents using the basic principles of interactive teaching and creative dramatics in the Summer Playshops. The courses offered by Playshop now include most multi-media disciplines. In each of these courses, participants are taken through exercises and games for creative expression and improvisation focusing on their own disciplines whether acting, performance, voice, dance, movement, art, singing, technical theatre, theatre design, photography, newscasting , to name a few.

Courses offered include the following:

DRAMA: Basic Acting, Children’s Theatre, Musical Theatre, Advanced Acting

DANCE: Street Dancing and Sing and Dance

VOICE: Individual Voice instruction, Group Voice Class, Singing for Performance. STARPOWER

MULTI MEDIA: Stage Management, TV Newscasting, Tech Shop, Creative Speaking/ Hosting Modeling

NEW CLASSES: Photography for Kids, Animation/ Cartooning, Modeling for kids.