Let’s hear from trumpets playshop students!

I joined Trumpets Playshop when I was 15, and was my first time ever to play a lead role in a musical alongside other talented Playshoppers. It was a very challenging role for me, because I had to play a role written for a boy. But with the help of my teachers and co-Playshoppers, I was able to give out my very best. I had so much fun and I loved the feeling of performing! I have to admit, being part of a musical is very addicting. I have found my passion: PERFORMING, and Trumpets has helped me find that. Every year I’d enroll in Playshop and meet so many friends and learn so many things. Because of what Trumpets has taught me, I was able to follow my dreams, and now I perform on the professional stage. I’ll be forever grateful to Trumpets!
-Athena Tibi (Singer/Musical Theater Performer)
I’m blessed with 2 shy daughters who both loves to sing, since they were barely 2 years old… my firstborn Eena started Playshop at the age of 8 my second girl Vea started at 5y… now they are 16y and 11y respectively and still don’t want to miss one summer on Trumpets Playshop. In between those years I enrolled them in guitar lessons while on school days. They were able to overcome their shyness and thank God were able to developed their skills in dancing, singing and acting.  They do perform professionally! Trumpets made them who they are right now… on stage! I’m glad me and my husband decided to choose Trumpets Playshop  as their second home during summer days… I know they are still shy but I’ve seen that self confidence we wanted them to have. We’re too happy for them! They also made good friends and had lots of fun with them then, and now. We want our kids to grow in Trumpets’ Playshop. I have my 3rd daughter Shay, who’s 4y now… ready to invade Playshop soon. PLUS! people behind Trumpets were super wonderful souls from the best Teachers and the rest of the staffs, whom we truly trust.

Vee Salvador. 39, mother of 3 girls. (Eena, Vea and Shay)

Trumpets Playshop and Musicademy refined my talents in a multitude of ways. I started in Playshop three years ago and got in High School Musical. From that point on, new avenues opened for me while still taking classes voice lessons and Masterclass to be better in what I love doing – performing. Because of the knowledge Trumpets has provided me in singing, acting and dancing, I got to do TV commercials, corporate events, as well as other productions. Definitely, Trumpets Playshop and Musicademy is the right place to hone one’s potential in performing!

-Sam Enriquez – Actor for Universal Studios Singapore


Playshop has always been part of my summer plan. I started out in Playshop Alabang, just going with the flow and meeting new people, not expecting any formal training or or anything like that (I was still in grade school, I just wanted to have fun). To be completely honest, I started going back not because of the lessons but because of the friendships and bonds I had with my classmates. Through Playshop I met the people I consider my mentors and very good friends. My talents were being honed, but I was not fully aware of this until I started taking performing seriously. Playshop does not deprive you of having fun, since it is summer after all! They have found the formula of learning and having a good time.

-Mikki Villa – Actor for Disneyland Hong Kong


Ever since I was a kid (like nine or ten years old) I was a Playshopper. The first time my mom decided to enroll me in musical theater, I was lucky enough to have Carlo Orosa as my teacher. I learned to participate in different kinds of activities, I learned to make friends, and most importantly, I learned how to have fun doing what I love, which is performing. Playshop marked the beginning of my journey in becoming a musical theater lover. It gave me the necessary training and tools to make the most of my God-given talents. Here, I encountered some of the most talented people in the field of theater. People who serve their craft by passing on the baton to the next generation. And it is because of them and the opportunities that Playshop provided me in those many treasured years that I do what I do today.

Chrissie Allado – Actor for Disneyland Hong Kong


Without TRUMPETS Playshop, things wouldn’t be the same. As a kid I’ve always loved singing but never really thought that it would be something I’d want to do when i grew older, but TRUMPETS changed that. I joined in 2004 and after that first year, I kept coming back every summer. Playshop has made me love the stage so much that I see myself performing all my life. I love the way they teach you so much about performing but they never forget to tell you that your talents come from God and that we should never forget Him. I’m working so hard to reach my dreams now, and without everything I’ve learned from Playshop, I wouldn’t be strong enough. Playshop has been great to me and I’m sure to everyone who enrolled as well. Playshop is a really big part of my life and my summers would never be complete without it!

Tippy Dos Santos – Singer